Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pom post-op update!

Our abandoned toy Pomeranian does not look great, but he feels much better!

The hospital staff adores him so much and renamed him, Rafiki, after the character in The Lion King, because of his wild head of hair and bald body.

On Monday morning, Rafiki was neutered and all of his teeth were extracted. His testicles were sent out to a pathology lab to be tested for testicular cancer. We should have the results back at the end of the week. His initial blood work revealed that his white blood cell count was low, but his enzymes were normal. Because of his size, age and health, CCLAS feels more comfortable keeping Rafiki at West Park Animal Hospital to continue his treatment.

If you would like to make a donation toward Rafiki’s medical bills, please visit

(Since we mostly host cats at the shelter, we don't have any dog clothes...Refiki would love an extra-small sweater : )

Playful Pat!

UPDATE ON PATRICK from his foster: "Patrick is very happy to be home; he is very affectionate, talkative and active. He’s eating and drinking well and being cooperative with taking his meds and with his wound care. His hip wound is still draining, but it is clean and within the normal range that Dr. Koneig described. However, he wants held all the time and will get upset when I even leave the apartment for a few minutes."

Below are a few photos of Patrick playing with cat toys.


SIMON IS STILL MISSING! Like and share his Facebook page, Desperately Seeking Simon!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Toy Pomeranian Reece, needs your help!

Saturday morning the ACO found this little guy running around behind the shelter gate. He was either thrown over or pushed underneath. A volunteer with CCLAS rushed him to West Park Animal Hospital for an exam and treatment. This senior pom, now known as Reece, is an unneutered blond toy Pomeranian with bad teeth and possibly with testicular cancer. 

Reece, with his tail wagging, is just too sweet to let go. He was dealt a bad hand with an owner who would spend money on lion cut grooms for him, but neglected to neuter him and care for his teeth.

To help with Reece’s vet bills, please visit

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Interested in volunteering with CCLAS?

Click here to download our new CCLAS Volunteer Inquiry Form and email it back to us.

Opportunities range from fostering, volunteering at the shelter and fundraising!

Shelter volunteers must also complete the city of Lakewood background check, click here if you're interested in working with the animals.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A St. Patrick's Day update about our Pat!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Here’s an update about our Patty from his foster mom:

"It's been very touch and go; he has been very uncomfortable, other than keeping the lights off and the place quiet, there's not much I can do to that soothes him. He’s not sleeping well, so neither am I. His temperament has been really affected, but considering all the trauma he has endured in a short amount of time, it is to be expected. He'll eat a little bit of wet just twice a day. Sometimes he hops, sometimes he scoots, but mostly he cries for me to pick him up & take him to his food, litter box or basket. He reluctantly lets me change his dressings."

As of Monday morning, we readmitted Patrick back to LAH for wound care. He had pulled the stitches from his tail and we were concerned about an infection. He's expected to stay there for at least a few days.

Thank you for those who inquired about adopting Patrick. We have a few names on the list, but right now, we're focused on Patrick's recovery and hope to start the adoption review process in a month or so. We need time to assess what Patrick's personality will be like post-op, in order to match him to the appropriate home. When he's ready, we'll send out our CCLAS adoption inquiry forms to the interested adopters. (BTW, he lost one back leg, not both.)

Please click here to make an online donation toward Patrick's care; or visit the Lakewood Animal Hospital or Lakewood Animal Shelter. Thank you.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Patrick "Post-Op"erative

Patrick's surgery went well on Tuesday, but due to the bad weather, we opted to have him stay an extra night at the Lakewood Animal Hospital. Hugs to his supporters!

Wednesday evening at LAH

His foster mom could still use donations of clean used sheets, soft bath towels and washcloths. These donations can be left at the Lakewood Animal Hospital or Lakewood Animal Shelter for Patrick.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dorsey the dog!

Meet Dorsey, collar # 21, a fox terrier schnauzer mix, neutered male - available for adoption in Lakewood today. He's very mild-mannered and knows some basic commands. He was found loose on Lakewood's East Side about a week ago and is hopeful for a second chance with a new family. #1lkwd

Piper's home!

We're happy to share the news that Piper is back at home! Her human borrowed a humane trap from one of our volunteers, and a week later, she found Piper in the trap. Piper is thinner from her two week adventure outside, but otherwise looks good. Thanks for all of the shares and well-wishes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prays for Patrick and Piper

Thank you for everyone's concern for Patrick, our frostbitten tabby, and Piper, the lost torti.

Patrick went to the Lakewood Animal Hospital on Monday night for a follow up visit. LAH ran a blood chemistry panel to look for any underlining issues and most of his results came back normal, he's just slightly anemic. Patrick appears to be about two to three years old and has a long life ahead of him. He's enjoying all of the donations of towel, soft blankets and food. The foster could still use donations of used sheets, soft bath towels and washcloths. These donations can be left at the Lakewood Animal Hospital for Patrick.

Unfortunately it appears that Patrick will need to have surgery later this month. We'll fill you in on his prognosis soon.

Patrick looks for comfort and kisses from his foster.

Patrick at Lakewood Animal Hospital for his follow-up appt., March 3rd.

Exhausted from his test and exam, Patrick catches some zzzz's in his soft baby blanket.

If you would like to make a donation to CCLAS toward Patrick's care, please visit our website or stop by the Lakewood Animal Hospital or Lakewood Animal Shelter.

LOST CAT: Sadly Piper is still missing. Her owner is setting up a humane trap outside and hopes that Piper is still close to home. She's an indoor only tortoiseshell female. It's still very cold outside -so let's help find Piper!

Piper, lost cat in Lakewood, last seen Feb 23.

She lives near Clifton Blvd and Hall Ave. and was last seen Sunday, Feb 23. She was not wearing a collar, but is spayed with current shots. She's almost 8 months, a sweetheart and probably very scared! She's comfortable around people and may be lured with food (especially wet or human food). Her human and feline family miss her very much.

Contact the shelter or us, if you see Piper or if she's near your property - we have the owner's information. #1lkwd #lostcat

Piper, lost cat in Lakewood near Hall Ave and Clifton Blvd.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Donations for Patrick. Thank you!

Sorry for the delayed update on Patrick, he has had his ups and downs over the past few days with his comfort level, eating interest and litter box usage. He’s going back to the vet on Monday for a scheduled follow up visit, so we should have more information to share soon.

The foster was ecstatic by the donations left for Patrick at the Lakewood Animal Hospital and Lakewood Animal Shelter. The staff at hospital and shelter are overwhelmed by the support from the community for Patrick too - so thank you all! Patrick now has plenty of cans of Fancy Feast and soft fleece blankets, per his request. Meow!

(Donations left for Patrick, frostbitten cat, 
at the Lakewood Animal Hospital on Saturday, March 1st)