Friday, December 16, 2011

Meet our Latest Adoptables

Everyone available for adoption at the Lakewood Animal Shelter is either spayed or neutered and has received their initial vaccination. The shelter is open from noon to 4pm on Friday and Saturday. Adoption fees are always low - ONLY $35! 
Meet Pierce, collar 375

Meet Ava, collar 376

 Meet Abercrombie, collar 380

Meet Clara, collar 381

Meet Robin, collar 384

Meet Dani, collar 385

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Everyone has a is Peppa's!

Remember Peppa and Pippa?  The pair of young black cats with stunning green eyes that were found in a taped up cardboard box in a Lakewood parking lot. It was almost too late for his sister, Pippa, but both cats recovered nicely while at the shelter and were eventually adopted out separately. Here's a link to their original post:

As the year ends, we have been reaching out to some of our adopter and we were so excited to hear back from Peppa (now Sumo.)


Thank you very much for taking care of me during my time of need. I am so happy in my new home. I get to climb a really tall kitty condo and sit in a perch atop my scratching post.  I also have a cozy spot near the window, so I can watch the neighborhood and the animals.  I have a ton of toys to play with, but my favorite toys are the little colored mice. They are fun to carry around the house in my mouth.  I especially like it when my family plays catch with me. I can catch the mouse with both paws!  I also play chase with my mommy and my kitty sister.  We have a lot of fun.  At mealtime I always need to sit and then speak, and then I get to eat tasty food.  My family likes to snuggle with me and give me kisses.   I love it.

Thank you for helping me to meet my family,
Peppa (aka Sumo)

Sumo with toy mouse

 Sumo with toy mouse

 Sumo with new sister, Tumi

 Sumo with new sister, Tumi

  Sumo's ready for Christmas (or a treat!)

Sumo in his new home!

According to his new owner, Sumo (Peppa) is doing really well, despite being EXTREMELY shy for several months! He makes a distinctive meow when he wants to play, which is quite often!  He loves to play chase with his owner and their other cat.  Evening are spent just hanging out with everyone at home. They decided to adopt Sumo (Peppa), because they have another rescue cat that looks identical to Sumo (Peppa) and was found in the same area.  They get along quite well.  :)

Handsome Sumo was very shy when he first came to his new home and preferred to nap hidden in cupboards and under beds.  Day by day he grew more comfortable and sociable.  Now he can typically be found sprawling out in the middle of the floor of any room of the house or playing with his adopted sister, Tumi.  He loves to play catch with his mouse toy: he will climb to the top of his cat tree and, when the mouse is tossed up to him, he will either catch it with both paws or bat it back down.  Sumo has a very sweet demeanor and is a wonderful addition to the entire family!

CCLAS is so happy to hear that Peppa was adopted into a loving home. We also learned that he's still getting adjusted to wearing his collar, but is micro-chipped now!

If you adopted from us this past year, please share your story too!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Belle & Berry. BOGO duo!

BOGO on the mom and son duo. Belle and Berry (collars 353 354) are available for adoption together. Both have been spayed and neutered, received their initial vaccinations, and treated with flea prevention meds. Berry, the kitten, is a loud lovable fur-and-purrball, about 10 weeks old. Mom is a very young sweetheart, about 8 months.



Belle and Berry are available for adoption at the Lakewood Animal Shelter, located in the Cleveland Metroparks, on Cleveland Metroparks Drive (Valley Parkway) just south of the Dog Park. Adoption fees are always - only $35. The fee includes a deworming treatment, an initial vaccination, flea prevention treatment, a collar with identification tag, a cardboard carrier, and an initial wellness exam with a second vaccination from participating local veterinarians.

Adoption hours are Tuesdays & Thursday 12 to 6, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 12-4. Please visit our website at and our blog at