Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We need to move out our inventory of Summer Kitties to make room for the latest Fall styles.

Spayed & Neutered Adult Shelter Cats - only $10

Spayed & Neutered Shelter Kittens - only $20

BOGO on Declawed Benny (269) and Belle (270) - (Benny needs a little TLC, heartbroken from the loss of his owner.)

(Please consider pet ownership responsibilities before adopting.)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

How often does your cat see the vet?

This week is Take Your Cat to the Vet Week.

On average, cats visit the veterinarian less than half as often as dogs. Assumptions that cats don’t require the same care as dogs or don’t get ill as often just aren’t true. The CATalyst Council supports the American Veterinary Medical Association’s position that twice-yearly wellness exams for all cats are justifiable. More frequent vet visits may be required for seniors and geriatrics, and for cats with medical and behavioral conditions.

To learn some tips about preparing your cat for an examination, visit the CATalyst Council's website.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Shelter Cats & Kittens Only $10. Saturday Only

The shelter is completely full. Adoption fees have been reduced from $35 to only $10 - in effort to find these great felines furever homes, fast! All shelter cats & kittens available for adoption, have been either spayed or neutered, treated with flea prevention medicine, and received an initial vaccination.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shelter at Capacity. Reduced Adoption Fees!

More pictures of our adoptables are available at our website at

Why Ohio needs better laws regarding breeding to protect companion animals

A lot of people are learning today about the unfortunate situation in Richland County regarding the nearly 280 Chihuahuas and 40 Shar-Peis that are being removed from deplorable conditions at the Windsong Acres Kennel.  Autumn Ziemba of FOX8 was able to report first hand about the heartbreak for the dogs, volunteers, and kennel owners.

Although charges will not be filled on the kennel owner due to the sad fact that she's dying in hospice of terminal cancer and her husband passed away suddenly this weekend, it doesn't change the reality that she took advantage of Ohio's relaxed laws regarding when it comes to breeding. 

A similar scene of today unfolded approximately three years ago in New Jersey. According to a press release by the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey, "The scene was disturbing, but not entirely unexpected for Bruce Sanchez, General Manager at Associated Humane Societies’ Tinton Falls Animal Care Center -- over 200 little Chihuahuas stacked up in two-foot by two-foot cages and Shar Peis, some sick, many unkempt and all seemingly oblivious to their lifestyle." While the press releases focuses on the heartache and well being of the dogs, there are many unflattering warnings about the abusive nature of the Windsong Acres Kennels and by Edith Buchko. One post on stated that she was convicted of animal cruelty in 1991 and in 1996; her ability to sell with AKC papers was terminated.

Regardless if Edith Bucko truly cared for the dogs or thought of them as products to sell, she knew if she moved to Ohio she would be able to "continue her breeding business as usual" due to Ohio's lack  "...any zoning or number restrictions."

Ohio legislation is consider a bill S.B. 130, which is also been coined by New Beginnings Animal Shelter of Pickerington, Ohio,  the "Puppy Mill Breeder Protection' Bill." Hopefully the story about Windsong Acres Kennel in Ohio will shed some light on why we need reasonable regulation and oversight when it comes to breeders of companion animals in Ohio.


Photo Credits:
Lisa LaRose

Post by Dawn Pyne
CCLAS active volunteer, and former board president
Member of Lakewood Animal Safety Welfare Advisory Board