Friday, May 30, 2014

Help Us Support Li'l Licorice!

Licorice (collar #74) arrived at the shelter on May 5th and was immediately a staff and volunteer favorite. She has a gorgeous long coat, and she's sweet and friendly to boot. She gets along with all the other cats at the shelter. 
Our shelter staff noticed that Licorice had some problems with her teeth. We took her to the vet and had two teeth removed. We also noticed that she was drinking excessively. When we checked her bloodwork, we found that her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine levels were slightly higher than normal. These results may have been from her tooth infection, or she may be displaying the early stages of kidney disease.

Licorice is so sweet, purrs all the time and has a hearty appetite. We recommend an all wet food diet and testing her blood work again in late June (CCLAS is happy to pay for her follow up blood test). She has tested negative for FIV/FeLV, is spayed, and up to date with her vaccinations. Please consider adopting Licorice if you have experience caring for a special needs cat, or if you would like to give a very special animal a home.

If you can't adopt right now please consider donating to CCLAS to help us cover Licorice's vet bills for her dental surgery and bloodwork at

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Puppies and Kitten!!! In INeed Supplies.

CCLAS has been overwhelmed with orphan kittens and newborn puppies the past month! With over 11 puppies, 20 kittens and only two moms, we need baby pet food to keep these youngsters healthy.

Wish List:
Online PayPal donations
Fancy Feast Gourmet Kitten Food (Pack of 24 - Turkey)
High Quality Kitten Dry Food (like Royal Canin or Evo)
High Quality Puppy Dry Food & Canned Food
Pet Beds
Kitten toys
Small scratching post for kittens
Puppy toys, ropes and balls
Digital food scale
Puppy collars and leashes

You can drop off your donation to the shelter or message us through Facebook for an alternative local drop off location.

** Please refrain from contacting us about adoptions right now. Most of the babies will be available in mid-June and July. Thank you. **