Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Patrick's positive report!

Patrick Update:

Patrick is no longer a super skinny guy! His weight is great, he’s on a healthy diet of wet food twice a day, and a small amount of dry to nibble on during the day. Research shows amputee cats tend to “comfort eat” and with less physical activity, it puts them at risk for diabetes & additional stress on joints.

His weight bearing leg is still not completely healed, so that has slowed down his physical therapy, mobility and balance.

Patrick’s foster works with him daily on his walking and climbing skills – trying to make a game of it by using catnip and treats to motivate and reward him. Patrick really enjoys looking out the window, so that serves as motivation to climb also, and he can finally climb up and down his cat tree without assistance now.

His balance is still a real struggle and his over compensation causes stress on his weight bearing leg, hips and back. He relies on his claws a lot to help pull himself up and steady himself on the sofa or cat tree. He can walk, but only for short distances, and then resorts to a scoot and crawl on the carpet, when his leg is too sore to walk.

He is still having mood swings due to frustration, but they are less severe than the tantrums, depression and withdrawal he exhibited before. The cat tree, purchased with donated funds, has helped redirect his energy, build his confidence with balance, and being able to look out the window really seems to calm him.

Patrick is not comfortable with outside visitors yet, so it will be some time before his foster feels he’s ready to start the adoption inquiry process. Thank you for everyone’s support and kind words.

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